Is Angus Robertson in the loop?

This morning I saw a tweet from Angus Robertson encouraging all those of an independence persuasion to start working towards an SNP victory in the 2021 Scottish Parliament election.  We need to start canvassing, leafletting and campaigning now, he said.  Now is the time to keep our eyes on the independence prize, he said.

My first thoughts were: haven’t we all been keeping our eyes on the independence prize since the big surge in SNP membership immediately following the 2014 referendum?  Didn’t we keep our eyes on the independence prize when we voted in 56 SNP MPs in 2015?  When we voted in 63 SNP MSPs and 6 Green MSPS in 2016?  When we voted in 3 SNP MEPs in 2016?  When we voted in 35 SNP MPs in 2017?  And when we voted in 48 (controversial, eh?) SNP MPs in 2019?  Not to mention the 62% support for remaining in the EU in the 2016 referendum.

Then I thought, what’s the difference between now and all the other occasions in the past when we’ve been asked to keep our eyes on the independence prize?  Is there a difference?  Is this yet another mandate?  Or is Angus just spilling the beans?

But then I thought, didn’t Nicola say that there would be a referendum in 2020 and didn’t she confirm that recently?  Didn’t Keith Brown also say in a BBC interview at the beginning of the week that a 2020 referendum has been promised and we won’t let people down?  And he repeated that just yesterday at a meeting I was at.

So my final thought was: is Angus no longer in the loop about SNP plans for a referendum or does he know something I don’t?  I certainly hope he’s out of the loop because it would be an enormous disappointment for me and over a million other independence supporters (masterly understatement?) if it turned out that he was right, because free in 2020 has a ring about it.

11 thoughts on “Is Angus Robertson in the loop?

  1. I agree, it seems to me that there are very contradictory messages coming from the SNP, depending on who is making them.
    In the main, I agree with Nicola. Until there is a clear lead in the polls for Independence, there is a grave risk that another IndyRef would fail, and had we had one before now, the chances are that it too would have failed, representing a major setback. It is also apparent that opinion in favour of Independence seems to be advancing, albeit slowly. The dilemma is, can we postpone another IndyRef sufficiently long for that advance to amount to near certainty of success, before Westminster introduces legislation to make another IndyRef either illegal, or impossible, and to all intents and purposes “destroys” Holyrood as an effective institution?
    I don’t think we have much time left before Westminster moves to do just those things. And, if the SNP either fails to hold an IndyRef this year, which at this point seems likely, and does not outline a realistic roadmap towards achieving Independence in the near future, oblivion might well result in the polling booths in 2021.
    I would settle for a cast-iron commitment to making the 2021 Holyrood elections a plebiscite election on Independence in lieu of an IndyRef, but if this is to be the chosen option it must be stated soon. This continual dithering and confusion cannot be allowed to continue, or there is a major risk of the SNP splintering, diminishing the Independence movement in effectiveness and losing the confidence of the electorate. This at a time when the portents for success seem never to have been better.


    1. My concern is that I think the dangers of Westminster taking steps to prevent another referendum are greater than the dangers of failure if we hold one, but I recognise that not everybody has the same opinion. I just hope that I’m the one who’s wrong.


  2. Unfortunately the Scot has a reputation of not responding until he sees and tastes his own blood and that may not happen until the full affect of Brexit hits home


  3. What if the referendum was tampered with. 2019 GE looking extremely dodgy. Idox now known to be Tory controlled. If we have a poll it must be done via a secure website that Tory’s cannot tamper with.


    1. I have been saying since 2014 that we need properly neutral observers as I don’t trust the Electoral Commission and nothing that’s happened since 2014 has made me change my opinion. They’re a toothless bunch who will only act if pushed and I can’t imagine Scotland exerting enough pressure in the face of opposition from Westminster. Blockchain seems to be getting a lot of publicity, though I fear it might be used by the unionists as a stick to beat the Scottish Government with as they would certainly say it was fixed to give a false result if they lost.


  4. As much as I want Independence I think we have missed our chance. Once SNP joined Jo Swinson to persuade Corbin to hold a G. E. before working towards the growing pressures for a people’s vote on Brexit, independence was lost for the present time. It was clear then that although SNP would gain many seats in Scotland, the Tories would gain in England enough to ensure a minority of around 40% would drag us out of Europe. It should also have been clear that we were heading for a set of new regulations and standards on goods and trade etc.
    Independence now would mean a hard border between Scotland and England would become a real issue, although in 2014 it would not have been the case. If we manage to get Indeyref2 from a Tory government (and that’s a very big If) it would be delayed by the Tory government until the border issue was then realised by the population.
    Although I would vote for independence even if it meant a hard border I do not think it is likely that over 50% would be persuaded to do so.
    It is with deep regret that I think therefore it would be better not to have indeyref2 at this time. If it failed, as is likely, then we will have to wait considerable time for another opportunity.
    The best strategy we have I believe is to hope for a future UK government that will get us back to at least the Single Market and the Customs Union. Then we can get back to indeyref2 in the knowledge that we will not have a hard border issue.
    I believe that those who have welcomed a substantial change that would give us the chance of indeyref2 have been flawed in their strategy.


    1. I think, and hope, you are being overly pessimistic. I do think that agreeing to a GE was a tactical error, although, at least, the additional SNP MPs did reinforce the mandate for a second referendum, should the SNP choose to make use of it.

      I think you are making too much of the border issue as I think it something that would be easily resolved in negotiations. In any case, I’m not sure it would prevent all that many people from voting Yes, and I speak as someone who has children south of the border that I visit often.

      But I don’t agree with your suggestion of waiting for a later Westminster government getting us back into the EU, even partly. Firstly, because it would take a very long time for that to happen, if ever, secondly, because it gives the current government time to make it virtually impossible to have another referendum, perhaps Catalonia style, and thirdly, as time passes, folk will begin to adjust to the privations caused by Brexit and Westminster and it is likely to take another significant event to stir the passions again. In any case, I see little difference between waiting for a long time to hold a second referendum and having one now, losing, and having to wait a long time before we can realistically hold another one, so what’s to lose?

      Anyway, speaking as a very mature person, waiting for a long time is not really an option for me.


  5. Please check out digitalcovenant. scot.
    Scotlands own id verified secure, digital ledger technology platform being rolled out just now. A cumulative, apolitical, YES vote which can be presented to Scotgov to support our independence move. 👍✊🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


  6. have more respect for those who have been fighting for Independence for years you cannot make false promises now Angus Robertson a close friend of aristocrats in Scotland produces another carrot people are sick of this you must be open and honest with the people Nicola Sturgeon must make a statement or an apology and if Alex Neil can trigger a Referendum we will get right behind him but far too many conflicting signals coming from them @ digital covenant. scot.


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