Could this be the beginning of the end for the SNP as we knew it?

Today (as I write) a group of SNP members, many occupying important positions in the party, are openly boasting that they succeeded in getting Twitter to remove Stuart Campbell’s (Wings over Scotland) accounts.  This was not the first time they have done this.  But Stuart Campbell is a known supporter of Scottish independence, his efforts being arguably responsible for the result in the first referendum being so close.  He is also a known supporter of women’s rights, defending them against attacks by the so-called women with penises.  So why would they do this?  Surely not because of his support for independence, because that is the party’s raison d’etre.  Could it be that the group feel there is something more important than independence?  Could it be that the group believe that no one is allowed to express support for the basic biological fact that women don’t have a penis and that they are determined to silence anyone doing so?  Is the suppression of dissent not characteristic of fascism?

First, let’s think where we came from.

There was a time when everyone knew what the Scottish National Party was all about.  The party were formed to bring together all those with an interest in Scotland becoming an independent country.  Through the years, there were a number of ups and downs, a number of false starts, but everything changed in 2007 when the party, under the leadership of Alex Salmond gained control of the Scottish Executive, which they quickly renamed the Scottish Parliament, giving some advance notice of their intentions.  They wanted Holyrood to be a proper Scottish government, not the glorified county council that Tony Blair expected when he agreed to the devolution referendum in 1997.

The downside of their victory was that they were obliged to think more about running the country than just independence, but much to the surprise of the opposition, they proved to be quite good at it.  In fact, they were so good, that, at the 2011 election, the SNP gained an absolute majority, something that the designers of the electoral system had planned could never happen.  With the absolute majority came the promise of the referendum, a promise which was delivered.  We all know what happened after that, so I won’t go into it any further.

But with that electoral success came a new and extremely troubling development.

A group of strange people joined (I could have said infiltrated) the party.  These people were supporters of trans rights, not in itself a reason for thinking them strange.  However, it was how they demonstrated their support that was troubling.  Using a slogan “trans women are women”, they set out to get the SNP to accept that trans women should be accorded all the rights of biological women, including access to women only spaces, such as women’s toilets and changing rooms and women’s refuges.  Bad enough in itself, the message soon developed into the only real women are trans women.  Anyone expressing the obvious fact that women don’t have a penis would be subject to abuse and sometimes exclusion from groups or even from employment.

The first sign that the woke minority were having an effect on SNP policy came when the Scottish Government introduced a bill to reform the Gender Recognition Act.  Among others, it included proposals to allow self-id, letting men simply state they are women with zero medical intervention and little if any psychological assessment.  In opinion polls, there was a huge majority of both men and women against the proposals, but despite that, the Government carried on.  A public consultation was organised.  We can only guess what the responses were, as no result was ever released, but shortly after the closing date, the bill was shelved, allegedly because of the Coronavirus crisis (an excuse perhaps?).

But you must never underestimate the determination of the woke minority to champion the cause of women haters.  Shortly after the shelving of the GRA Reform Bill, a new bill has been introduced to make it illegal to say something which another person thinks is abusive.  The bill is expressed in such general terms that it only needs one person to say they’re upset by what has been said.  Let me guess what the first case could be.   Could it be someone (or a group of someones) upset that a hairy, muscular penis-bearer is being referred to as a man?  It is worth mentioning that no public consultation is planned for this bill as the Scottish Government say they already have a mandate as opinion polls have shown widespread public support for measures preventing the abuse of minorities.  I doubt very much that the polls asked about hairy, muscular penis-bearers.

So the woke minority have managed to remove Stuart Campbell from Twitter.  How many in the party are pleased that Wings has been excluded?  How many have said he shouldn’t be allowed an opinion?   How many are saying he’s only got himself to blame?  But how many more are going to suffer the same fate?  The woke minority have a list.  Their list includes other members of the party who don’t agree with their definition of women and they have already had a go.  But surprisingly, though the party’s disciplinary committee have taken action against other party members for minor breaches of party rules, often based on complaints from political opponents no action has been taken against any of the woke minority.  They seem to be immune to criticism.  Is that because party bosses are too frightened to act against them, or because they agree with them, or because they are using the woke minority as a convenient vehicle to get rid of some members they don’t like.

History teaches us that those who don’t challenge fascism when it starts can themselves become the targets as it grows stronger.  The SNP have now become a party which supports independence and encourages the suppression of dissent.  How long will it take before the search for independence is watered down and it becomes the party of suppression of dissent only?

5 thoughts on “Could this be the beginning of the end for the SNP as we knew it?

  1. I totally agree with your post apart from “The SNP have now become a party which supports independence and encourages the suppression of dissent ” The support of independence is becoming harder to recognize , yet the encouraging of suppression of dissension is easily recognizable

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  2. Penis bollox or Y chromosome man simple. gender cannot regardless of what the Mengalites say be re-assigned. Honesty is the best way even if the truth hurts.


  3. Perhaps the SG are trying to take their wildly successful (at getting rid of people they no longer want) and easy to follow (not) Fairness at Work Policy and applying it to the Nation. In the SG this policy is used by staff and managers of all grades to attack anyone they want to, grievances can be raised with no foundation whatsoever, you don’t have to have evidence or witnesses and you can basically say anything offends you, and this policy is applied to them. It’s totally corrupt of course.


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