Scotland’s Central Bank

Like Grousebeater, I too am not an expert economist, but, as he has done, I can look at examples from other countries of how easy it is to set up a Central Bank. The UK government tell us that it will be extremely difficult and that we will have no assets. Not only are both of these statements wrong, but given the UK government’s history of lying about everything connected to Scotland, why would any Scot even think of believing them. Read and enjoy the myths being trashed. Perhaps this should be put on a leaflet.

Grouse Beater

If there is one thing we can bank on – pun intended – in this self-inflicted struggle to regain our democratic freedoms, being the butt of propaganda and jokes from soldiers of the British state is a certainty. When all else fails, telling us we are too poor to survive as a normal nation, is the colonial’s evergreen taunt. They succeed so well, our own folk repeat it as Gospel: our good neighbour saves us from perpetual penury. This myth has been sold to us for over 300 years. 

Not an exponent of economic intricacy, I am forced to listen to economists who are not members of far-right colonials clubs. I can think of the fraudulent ‘Scotland in Union’, or the academically woozy, racist ‘This Island’, or a flaky obscure think tank nothing more than a brass plate on a London door, a pin-striped suit paid by the Koch…

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2 thoughts on “Scotland’s Central Bank

  1. (I was going to post this on Grouse Beater’s site, but can’t)

    Huh? Isn’t this confusing two thing, an investment bank is not a central bank, and probably will never become one.

    Look at the EU. They have a central bank (ECB) and an investment bank (EIB). Each does a different thing.


    1. This isn’t about the existing Investment Bank. You are right that an Investment Bank and a Central Bank are different, but this article is solely about setting up a Scottish Central Bank, a requirement of an independent Scotland.


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