What authority does the Scottish Government have?

And what are they doing to change it?

There have been several people commenting on the recent decision by the English Supreme Court, following action by Westminster, to strike down two Holyrood acts and the muted reaction by the Scottish Government to the decision.  Here’s mine.

Last week saw what could be the beginning of the end for the Scottish Government, the Scottish Parliament and Devolution.  I say the beginning of the end, but there have already been a number of ‘hints’, strong hints, that this was coming.  Many of us warned that the Scottish Government’s inaction on the independence question could only end in tears, though I have the sneaking suspicion that only a few members of the current Scottish Government will be doing much crying. Perhaps the others will be too busy checking their bank balances and licking their lips thinking about the pensions still to come, or perhaps they just don’t care.

What the Scottish Government is unlikely to be doing is working out the best way to achieve independence.  They are more likely to be doing exactly what they have been doing for the last 7 years – nothing, nada, zippo, sfa.  No time spent by the civil service, no discussions or proposals from the NEC, no ideas from the ‘party of independence’, no action from our government.

Is that what it has come to?  Is the dream of Scottish independence that many of us have worked for and longed for for years and years going to fall because of the self-indulgence of a few individuals at the top of the SNP whose only interest seems to be remaining in power for as long as Westminster allows the Scottish Parliament to exist?  Perhaps after 14 years in power, they feel untouchable.  Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

But why the inaction?  The leadership of the SNP must know that the supply of electoral carrots is reducing and those still available are becoming a bit mouldy.  The number of unhappy Scots is growing day by day as more people become frustrated by the lack of progress and more people lose faith in the SNP as the vehicle to deliver independence.  So, with these obvious signs, what could be the reason for the delay.

Could it be what the SNP would like you to believe, that “now is not the time”, to quote a phrase the SNP seem to have borrowed from that well known supporter of Scottish independence, Theresa May; that we must wait until the polls consistently show Yes support at 60% plus; that we must wait until Boris Johnson finally and graciously agrees to grant a Section 30 order to allow the so-called “gold standard” referendum (© Nicola Sturgeon).  In that, the SNP seem to be in full agreement with the Tories, who also tell us we have to wait at least 40 years before the next referendum (© Boris Johnson) or, most recently, 25 years (© Union Jack, Scottish Secretary/Colonial Governor).  But is that option just an excuse for SNP inaction?  And as half a million (mainly) English people are encouraged to move to Scotland every year, will the additional millions of non-Scots voting in any referendum conducted using the same franchise as 2014 improve the chances of a successful outcome?

Could it be that Nicola Sturgeon is too scared of losing (again) and following the precedent set by Alex Salmond in 2014, she would be expected to resign if No triumphed, thus depriving herself of her 6-figure salary and expenses, something she has become used to since 2014 and no doubt wants to continue to enjoy for several more years.  In any case, failure and resignation wouldn’t look good on her résumé.  Would she still get a top UN post with that background?

Could it be that Nicola Sturgeon is just a Unionist plant; that she was taken as a teenager to a secret location and brainwashed to believe that the Union is best and independence is just a silly pipe dream?  Given her background, it seems unlikely, but there has to be some explanation for the change from the independence loving firebrand of 2014 to the do-nothing lover of the female penis of 2021.

Could it be that there is a skeleton or two in the Sturgeon closet or in the Murrell closet and that this has been discovered by someone with an association with Westminster and this is being used to encourage her to adopt a negative approach to independence?  There are certainly rumours going round about the relationship with her husband and talk of a super-injunction, but in these more liberal days, that hardly seems enough to be able to force such a reverse on the independence question.  Though it might explain the love of the female penis.

Or could it be that she always saw her step up to First Minister as the first step to world domination as World Organiser for Legalising the Female Penis (or Chief Walloper).  Could it be that she saw the female penis as the climax of her career?  The tool which allows her to thrust her name into the history books?  The opportunity to harden her reputation as Cock of the North?  Was it that which made her stiffen her resolve to push herself forward to snatch the chance? 

But will she go down in history as the dog’s bollocks or just a twat?

We may never find out the real reason for what is increasingly looking like a deliberate attempt to delay, or even prevent, Scottish independence. What seems more likely is that, unless there’s a sudden change of heart, Scottish history will not be kind to Nicola Sturgeon.

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13 thoughts on “What authority does the Scottish Government have?

  1. I’m constantly amazed that the wider Yes movement, and the Nicola acolytes don’t seem to notice the literal building of union premises, ready to take over the governance of Scotland, the soon to be region of the UK.

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    1. As soon as the Tory government decides the time is right, they’ll close Holyrood and transfer all control over to the union site and Union Jack will really become the colonial governer that he always thought he was. Every week brings another reduction in what little authority the Scottish goverment had, so it’s only a matter of time, when not if.

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  2. Good article and question. Given they have the full authority of a sovereign nation state there really is no reason why they should not be asserting Scotland’s authority on any matter let alone the reassertion of Scotland’s full statehood.

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    1. I was extremely disappointed at their reaction to the Supreme Court ruling. Given that the Treaty of Union accepts the independence of Scottish law, why are they accepting the supremacy of the English Supreme Court with not even a smidgen of resistance. Of course, this now provides a precedent for all later rulings, as I’m sure the Scottish government are well aware. Is this another example of the SNP deliberately providing Westminster with amunition?

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      1. By using the English supreme court they are doing exactly that when they should be categorically refusing to recognise its legitimacy especially when it refers to UK law which is non existent. There being only Scots and English law within the treaty.

        What is worse though is their absolute silence on the fundamental breaches to the treaty which not only violate the treaty but changes the very nature of it. Take a look at the English Act of Union (2017-2019) Bill which has been enacted in all but name and what it says in Part 1 Section 1 concerning the very name of the treaty. UK not GB. Now you may think but this is what the treaty is commonly referred to but legally the treaty is Great Britain. Then read further on how they make themselves the sole continuator state and authority, granting themselves a veto over Scotland and the Scots. Next, look at Clause 38 of the EU withdrawal Act where they tried to write into law for the first time English parliamentary sovereignty Carwyn Jones puts the point across very well in this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNawcGqBWc4 Then at the IM Act paying close attention to the wording – again under UK not GB. And recently the motorist identification legislation which states that all Scots must cover up and/or replace GB identifiers with UK. It won’t be lost on you why this fundamental change. Add that to the paper commissioned by the English government and penned by Crawford and Boyle which claims that Scotland was extinguished and subsumed into a Greater England albeit under the new name of UK and the significance of renaming the state UK becomes clear. As does the reason they enacted EVEL. And what has the Scottish government done? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. They have capitulated to the English government every single step of the way. Did you know that they are actively writing into law all the aspects which have been mere conventions within the treaty of 1707? Such as the convention on ratifying treaties. Now ask yourself why the English government are writing this convention into English law. And to top i off they even have English government offices in the Scottish capital and in Glasgow. This and so much more has been happening right under their and our noses and there is silence. There is the constant “permission must be sought from England” from them not an assertion of Scots sovereign authority. And let’s not forget that they actively removed the Scottish nationality and replaced it with British which is against the law to do. As I pointed out elsewhere this is death by a thousand cuts and hardly anyone seems to notice.
        What is also worrying is that any time Scots start to question why Scots authority is not asserted and seek to do so, as if on cue out come the “Scotland is a colony” chanters. Almost as if deliberately trying to undermine Scotland and its true status as a sovereign nation state and partner to the treaty.

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  3. I would be one of these Scotland is a colony chanters. Whether we are talking about political or legal reality, de jure or de facto. I believe that it to be a fact, a reality. I don’t believe that is necessary at odds with what you say (I agree with what you say completely). We can be a nation whenever we choose to be, there is no law in the world that can stop us. We have that right it is inalienable. That’s where the colony bit kicks in, the reality bit, the de facto bit. It was always India’s right or Kenya’s or Ireland’s right.

    One point though being accused, indirectly or not, of trying to undermine Scotland’s right simply by using my brain to describe the political reality of our situation is a burning fucking insult. The two things, the legal right and the political reality, sit blatantly beside each other in Scotland today.

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    1. Legally, Scotland is a separate country, but England treats Scotland like a colony and after 300 years there are a worrying number of Scots who appear to believe them. More worryingly, there are some who know the truth but are not prepared to do anything about it and most worryingly, a lot of these are part of the Scottish Government.

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      1. Except England doesn’t treat Scotland as a colony. It treats it as being extinguished and subsumed into a Greater England, as an English region akin to Manchester. It is the Scots who treat Scotland as a colony. Unsurprisingly given not a single one alive today has been raised with the true status of Scotland being taught to them. The narrative has always been that Scotland is subject to whatever the English government want. Those they elect to represent Scotland are no different. They too have been fed this lie since they were in the womb and as a result they take a subservient role within the treaty and defer governance and acting as though mere convention is law. That doesn’t excuse it though. If Scots won’t uphold the law and assert their authority then what is the point of electing anyone? If they take on a victim mentality claiming they are powerless to act then what they falsely believe will be fulfilled. Scots are and always have been their own worse enemy. The English government and its establishment don’t need to do anything when the Scots do it to themselves.

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  4. There is NO ambiguity the reason we are in this disgusting situation is due to a combination of things , Gayle is absolutely correct we Scots are the ones who are FAILING to TAKE back our independent statehood
    1/ we continuously voted for decades for a FAKE socialist party who were the handmaidens of WM and who demeaned and denigrated Scots and Scotland because they wanted to be english , they were traitors one and all
    2/ when Alex Salmond took over the SNP and independence was on the rise he agreed to a referendum that was doomed to failure because WM had gerrymandered everything to do with the referendum , the franchise , the conditions , the queen lizzie , Obama , The currency , the BOE , and the biggest fraud of all the vow and breaching purdah , when these things happened Alex Salmond should have been making waves with the UN and refusing to accept the outcome
    3/ we have a government supposedly of the people in power who ACTIVELY worked AGAINST a citizen attempting to clarify in law that a sect 30 is not required to hold a referendum and that the claim of right specifies that sovereign Scots have the absolute right to choose the government they want
    That supposed government of the people demanded that the courts should only act on the instruction of a senior politician and that citizen did NOT have the right to challenge WM and HR , that government deliberately frustrated and sabotaged that citizens challenge by causing delay and diversions deliberately exacerbating the costs of the case knowing full well that that citizens finances were finite and theirs were being paid by the public purse

    Scots are too forgiving and desperate to be liked and considered fair , there is ongoing discussion about altering the franchise if (god forbid) we were GRANTED a sect 30 ref by our imperial maisters , there are Scots even when it is pointed out to them that allowing incomers to vote again on independence would probably result in the same defeat as last time their response is that it would be considered undemocratic and nativist by other countries to exclude people or set a residential limit requirement

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    1. The SNP have now become the same as Labour. Labour promised to make Scotland a better place, but never delivered, allowing them to repeat the promise at every election. The SNP promise to bring independence, but have never delivered, but they rely on the promise to keep them in power.

      Staying in power now seems to be their only interest, hence acting against any person or any group who may become a threat to their control of the independence movement. We’ve relied on the SNP for too long, but, unfortunately, too many Scots can’t see the change.

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