SNP – The Scottish Near-fascist Party

Disagree with the headline? Then please read the following post by Grouse Beater and George Monbiot. via @wordpressdotcom. It should make you think. It might make you change your mind.

I humbly offer a few further words of advice to the Scottish electorate which, I believe, they should ignore at their peril. Continuing to ignore this message will just provide the opportunity for the combined governments of Westminster and Holyrood to complete their work to turn the UK, including Scotland, into a police state where virually any action by an individual citizen can be considered, if the government so chooses, as a danger to the state and subject to draconian punishment, punishment which will be the law of the land, so you won’t be able to use the courts to defend yourself. Remember, just because it’s the law doesn’t mean it’s right.

We have two measures we have to take if we want to retain our freedoms and to continue to live in a democracy.

First, we need to get as far away as possible, as fast as possible, from this evil, fascist Westminster government. That means independence. That also means ignoring the SNP’s constant stalling tactics and getting on with it, because we really don’t have much time left.

Second, following independence, we need to elect a Scottish government that isn’t simply going to copy the worst of Westminster policy and wrap a tartan ribbon round it. There’s no point losing one fascist government just to replace it with another. The government we elect shouldn’t include any of the current SNP dictators and devolutionists who mustn’t be given a further opportunity to recreate Westminster in Edinburgh, which is exactly what they are doing now.

I know many of you will consider this scaremongering with little basis in reality, but it really is impossible to exaggerate the urgency of our situation, Grouse Beater’s posting linked to at the beginning of this post lays out some of what’s going on and, as further evidence, I would also add a couple of my own posts, and

Protest now, because there likely won’t be another chance later.

Beat the Censors.

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2 thoughts on “SNP – The Scottish Near-fascist Party

  1. It was even stated by SNP MPs (Scottish government) that they were not there to upset the Westminster system but to be good parliamentarians.

    I would only disagree on the above with referring to the English government as “Westminster” and GB as “UK”. The first because there is no government of GB within the treaty despite there being a parliament and the latter because the state is called Great Britain not United Kingdom. Firstly, it is not a political union in which the territory of Scotland was subsumed into England and thus one kingdom. The crowns and territories remain separate. It is kingdoms plural. And secondly, the English government and its establishment have openly stated that UK means Greater England. In their view Scotland was extinguished and subsumed into a greater England albeit under the new name of UK. This of course was not the case but tell a lie often enough and the gullible will believe it.

    It therefore stands that if you (collectively and individually) do not agree with the English establishment assertion that Scotland was extinguished then you would not parrot the narrative and terminology that refutes your assertion to the contrary.

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    1. My post doesn’t refer to the 1707 treaty, just to the current situation where the parliament in Westminster, which includes MPs from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, is the de-facto ruling body of what is now called the UK, with the acquiescence of a majority of Scottish politicians. Obviously, the 1707 treaty couldn’t refer to the UK as it pre-dates the formation of the UK by almost 100 years and pre-dates the UK in its present form by more than 200 years.

      I would agree that the UK would be more properly be called the United Kingdoms of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, though that also contains inconsistencies as Wales was never a Kingdom and was annexed by England in 1542 to become part of England, though I’m sure many in Wales would disagree with the last comment. Perhaps if the 1707 name had been the United Kingdoms of Great Britain we wouldn’t be having this argument, but either the Scots who agreed to the union were too thick to understand what they agreed to or too interested in the money to care.

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