The SNP Walkouts

Remember the time (over 3 years ago now) when the SNP Parliamentary group walked out of the English Parliament (colloquially known as the UK Parliament) when they were effectively refused any time to discuss devolution, as a Tory member spoke for the entire 15 minutes allocated by the speaker? This is a BBC report at the time. Was that the last time when an action showed even the smallest sign of any interest in Scottish affairs?

Certainly, at the moment, the only event that causes SNP members walk out of the chamber is one of the Alba MPs standing to speak. Obviously, the last thing you would expect SNP MPs to be interested in would be the opinion of a fellow independence supporting MP. (Did I just accuse SNP MPs of supporting Scottish independence? Will washing out my mouth with soap and water absolve me of this heinous crime?).

It appears that the SNP have reinvented their own version of the Bain Principal. For those who don’t remember, this was the notion, named after a Labour MP at the time, Willie Bain, that the Labour party in Westminster would automatically ignore any proposal made by the SNP, no matter whether they actually agreed with it or not. Now the SNP in Westminster (with a couple of exceptions) are ignoring anything brought up by the Alba party no matter whether they agree with it or not. Just like the Labour party of 10 years ago, the SNP are allowing their hatred of Alba to define their policy decisions, rather than whether the policy would benefit the people of Scotland. Would that attitude be described as childish, counter-productive or just plain stupid.

But why the hatred? What is there about Alba that means that hatred is almost a condition of SNP membership. Is it (as many in the SNP will say) because of Alex Salmond’s connection with Alba? Alex Salmond, a man the SNP leadership tried so very hard to get found guilty on flimsy and invented charges. Or is it because so many Alba members were once SNP members? Perhaps the SNP should be more concerned about why they left rather than trying to smear them after the fact. Or is it because any success that Alba has will impact on the SNP’s strategy for electoral success, which is being unique, being the only credible allegedly independence supporting party. I say allegedly because, despite all the talk over the last seven years, nothing concrete has been achieved to advance the cause of independence since the coronation of Nicola Sturgeon as leader of the party. NOTHING!!!

Recently, Nicola Sturgeon told us that the only way to gain independence was for all parties to work together. Not surprisingly, few would disagree. One aspect of the first referendum was how all the independence supporting parties and groups worked together. However, the only problem with Nicola Sturgeon’s statement is, though she may have said all parties, it appears she meant only unionist parties, particularly the Labour party.

Why would the independence supporting head of an independence supporting party be so reluctant to talk to other independence supporting parties if a referendum (or other independence action) was on the horizon?

I’ll leave that for readers to decide.

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6 thoughts on “The SNP Walkouts

  1. Its time the SNP started to fight for Scotlands independence the Scottish electorate have had enough of the lies and procrastination. However the reality now is they have a Unionist leader with a Unionists cabal at the top running the party , 7 years of inaction and nothing to show for it.The time has come to vote with our feet and vote for other independence party. The SNP under Sturgeon have become the new Labour and just as useless.

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    1. I have seen several commenters saying that Holyrood and Westminster are in discussion about a three question referendum, adding Devo Max, on the basis that Devo Max is certain to win if STV is used. With the usual loose definition of what Devo Max actually means, we’ll end up with the status quo and Sturgeon as FM for ever. What a prospect!

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  2. They had to go back in to the parliament of GB as they are legally required under the terms of the treaty.It was a pathetic stunt and they were rightly mocked for it. They would need to make a proclamation if dissolving the treaty which they point blank refuse to do. .

    It should never be referred to as the English parliament. The English parliament was abolished as was English parliamentary sovereignty. The parliament of GB is a binary parliament housing both countries governments as equal partners with equal authority to the treaty. To call it English is to undermine Scotland’s status and to falsely inflate the importance and status of the English partner.


    1. What should a parliament be called where English MPs outnumber all others and where their opinion always prevails? What status does Scotland have in a parliament where their opinions count for nothing and they are mocked by English MPs for expressing them. There is absolutely no purpose for their being there. They should leave immediately, get together with other Scottish representatives and decide how to leave this accursed union.


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