Devomax – it’s the final betrayal

In Wednesday’s National, we saw this.

Indyref2: Ex SNP policy chief backs three-option ballot paper to break ‘logjam’

Former SNP policy chief backs three-option referendum to break indyref ‘logjam’.
THE SNP‘s former policy chief has called for three options – including “devo-max” – to be put to voters in a second independence referendum. Chris Hanlon, who is a member of the party’s policy development committee, said the move could help break the current constitutional logjam with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon wanting a new vote and Boris Johnson repeatedly failing to agree.

It’s been talked about for some time, but now the SNP have come out of the closet. They have finally admitted they are considering a third way. Well, they call it a third way, but is it? Is it in reality just a different description of what the modern Nicola Sturgeon led SNP have always wanted, but knew they could never go for? They don’t want independence, but they couldn’t say so outright. They could never campaign for a no vote, no matter what the terms were, because it would destroy their carefully constructed carrot plan, where they say they want independence, but never do anything to achieve it. But now, here’s a supposed ‘half-way house’, not quite what anyone wanted, but just about acceptable to both sides. It can be passed off to the independence supporters as a stepping stone on the way to full independence, but the unionists will know what it really is, a more acceptable description of the status quo.

Chris Hanlon SNP
It’s a think-piece intended to stimulate debate. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to read it in full but I don’t think re-entering the EU or single market would be impossible with the same powers the Faroes have…

Already, we’re seeing the SNP plan. Get a nonentity who can be described as important to float the idea. If it sticks, it will become a party suggestion. If it doesn’t, it will be a “silly” suggestion by an individual that the leadership can disown. If it doesn’t go down well, how long will it take for Nicola Sturgeon to disown it?

Surely most of you remember 2014 and the last minute Vow, signed by the leaders of the three main unionist parties. It did its job. It persuaded enough voters to change from YES to NO in return for a set of promises that the unionists never intended to keep. It was a sham, a fraud, a lie. They knew in advance that Westminster would never pass laws to match the promises, and they didn’t. Every single proposal put forward by the SNP at Westminster was voted down by English MPs. The SNP, and Scotland, got nothing.

So why is that relevant today? Because Devomax is just the Vow in different clothing. It’s a con. It will be a set of proposals that needs Westminster approval to become law and Westminster will not approve. We’ll be in the same position as we were in 2014. Nothing of substance will come from a vote for Devomax.

However, there is one significant difference between 2014 and now. Then it was the unionists, the parties of NO making the suggestion, knowing it would never happen. This time, it’s coming from the SNP, the so-called party of independence. The party of independence are floating a proposal, hoping to get the Scottish people to agree to it, but knowing full well it will be rejected by Westminster, knowing full well that it will result in the status quo, or worse.

What has become of the party of independence under the leadership of Nicola Sturgeon when they are floating proposals which require the Scottish people to give up on independence for generations, perhaps for ever.

Devomax is a con. Devomax will never be delivered. Devomax is the 2022 version of the Vow and should be rejected by anyone who has an interest in independence.

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10 thoughts on “Devomax – it’s the final betrayal

  1. Back before 2014 I might have been content to go with some form of “devomax”.
    Now there’s no chance. We could never trust any agreement that Westminster has a hand in.

    This proposal, or idea floating, or whatever it is, is a total sellout of everything SNP members have worked for.
    It could be termed “Independence under Westminster” or “Independence within the Union”.

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    1. If the SNP decide to run with it, it will be described in those terms. Trouble is, we will still be chained to Westminster and, as recent events have shown, the chain can be lengthened or shortened by Westminster if and when they feel like it. Scotland has no say.

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  2. We must treat the SNP as the we treated the labour party , betrayers liars and cheats. Mandate after mandate wasted by Sturgeons secret Unionists cabal. Bring on the next election and let’s wipe them out . All my life I have voted SNP, it wasn’t for buisness as usual for a UK ,Ok state, it for independence. Test Devo max is Trident still in the clyde, Devo Max can I still dragged into illegal wars, Devo Max no control over our economy or resources. Devo Max no return of my EU citizenship, Devo Max no control over foreign policy. Devo Max unable to protect the NHS against privatisation. Devo Max internal market bill gives Westminster a veto over everything. This is Democracy in the corupt rotten to the core British state let tell Sturgeon to step down let’s get a real patriot to lead us not the quisling cabal who are at the top table of the SNP.

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    1. They certainly seem to be infected with the virus that killed Labour in Scotland, the ‘vote for us or you’ll get the baddie of your choice’ virus. In Labour’s case it was the Tories. The SNP have gone with the Unionists. Labour died when most folk realised they were the Tories. The SNP will die when evough realise they are the Unionists.

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  3. I would settle this year for knowing more of the detail of what has gone on under this SNP leadership and for it to be widely known. The SG relationship with the press and the crown office for example. If the SNP leadership had not already sold us out then you could sure all the wrong doing, disfunction, bad law making and incomptetence would already have been deployed against Scottish Independence..

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    1. As far as the relationship with the press goes, I understand that the press have asked for £9m to keep SNP secrets, three times what they got with the last payout. The secrets won’t become widely known until the money runs out.

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  4. The money must be running out now with all the money they are giving to their weird friends in various organisations. Westminster only give them a fixed budget so to lose £9m from that just to get the media to print what they are instructed to while at the same time saying that the Scottish Health Service is under siege will not wash.Would also be disgusting while one of the few growth industries under this SNP/Scottish Government “Food Banks” are still required. Devo Max will be one of the final nails in the SNP coffin, Plebiscite elections the only way forward now.


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