Yestival – 18th September 2022

Hope Over Fear

“Free in 2023” YESTIVAL Rally

Hope Over Fear will be holding its annual Rally in George Square on Sunday 18th September 2022. This year’s YESTIVAL is being held on the 8th anniversary of the 2014 Referendum on Independence.

The theme of the YESTIVAL is #FreeIn23 and is sponsored and supported by 43 Yes organisations with high profile speakers from across the independence movement, including from numerous political parties (see attached Poster).

A number of musicians will also perform on the day, including the internationally recognised and celebrated Scottish singer / song writer Sandi Thom.

Tommy Sheridan, Hope Over Fear, said: “We are delighted to announce that Sandi Thom will perform at this year’s YESTIVAL. She is a class act with a string of hits to her name and a passion for music and Scotland’s independence.

“She will join a fantastic line up of other independence supporting performers who will entertain the Indy Family on such a special day. We will assemble in our thousands to mark eight years exactly since our first referendum and declare our absolute commitment to IndyRef2 which has been set for 19th October 2023.

“No unelected judges or unrepresentative Tories are going to stop Scotland claiming her democratic right to vote on our future”.

John Park, Hope Over Fear, said: “In the past 8 years, things have got worse for the people of Scotland, not better. The Tories’ austerity agenda has caused more suffering for ordinary people – poverty has increased; benefits have been slashed; pensions cut; Public Services reduced or abolished; and now we are all suffering from the cost of living crisis, or cost of greed! At the same time, the rich continue to get richer!

“The Unionists keep telling us that now is not the time for another referendum on Scottish Independence, but the people of Scotland cannot wait any longer.

“We must break the chains from the complete shambles that is Westminster, where Scotland’s voice is continuously ignored. So I say to Unionists – NOW IS EXACTLY THE TIME!



Tommy Sheridan      Hope Over Fear                     Mobile:           07881 771954

John Park                Hope Over Fear                     Mobile:           07929 974237


Hope Over Fear is a grassroots independence campaign responsible for organising hundreds of pro-independence rallies and meetings throughout Scotland.

Since October 2014, when over 15,000 attended the Still YES Rally after the 18th September referendum, which YES narrowly lost and rising star Gerry Cinnamon performed his first big hit Hope Over Fear, the organisation has returned to Glasgow’s George Square every September, near to the historically important date of 18th September, to declare the on-going commitment to a new and better independent Scotland free from Westminster rule.

·         The YESTIVAL will take place in George Square on Sunday 18th September 2022 from 12pm to 5pm.

·         Photos of Sandi Thom are attached.

·         A Biog of Sandi Thom is below

Sandie Thom Biog

Having spent a significant time in the Middle East doing humanitarian work with street dogs and cats, Sandi Thom has been off the radar for several years. However, having now permanently relocated back to the UK, Sandi is back and better than ever.

I’ve grown so much in the past 4 years that I’ve been on the road” Thom says. “My experiences have really shaped me and been amazing inspiration for my latest songs”.

With over 50 million Spotify streams, the Scottish singer’s popularity continues to grow organically. “I’m always so humbled at how my songs just seem to continue to connect with people” she says. One song in particular; November Rain, taken from Thom’s album of Acoustic Classic Rock covers, has seen a growth spurt.

I couldn’t believe the number of streams on you tube when it hit 12 million, I never expected it to be so popular, but it just seems to connect with so many people, it’s amazing

2022 and beyond is going to be an amazing time for me. I am so excited to be hitting the road again with the band, playing live, getting back in the studio and just immersing myself in the industry again. I’m also really excited at the prospect of taking on challenging roles in theatre, it will be a whole new world for me and something I can really get my teeth into artistically” the mum of 6-year-old Logan says.

With her continued organic growth in popularity Thom says she’s so excited about getting stuck back into her career and can’t wait to release the hotly anticipated 7th studio album entitled “Wanderlust” along with an autobiography detailing her life’s story so far. Both the album and the book are set for release in the winter of 2022

It’s been 16 years since her first single “I wish I was a punk rocker” shot to no.1 in 7 different countries and since then Thom has continued to make albums that are eclectic, different and timeless. Now get set for the most exciting release of her career,

My new album Wanderlust is going to blow Punk rocker out of the water” Thom states.

 “Exquisite” The Times

**** Classic Rock magazine

Unique pop-folk” The Herald

Fierce & Honest songwriting” The Huffington post

Internet Sensation” BBC

Pugnacious and Sharp” The Irish Times

Diverse and Consistently Impressive” American Songwriter

Social media pages: 50,700 subscribers 463,300 monthly listeners 50 million + streams worldwide 15,100 followers 52,200 followers

www.facebook/com/sandithom 34,000 followers

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