I promise to tell the truth …

Or … how Sturgeon has tried to save England

I’m not talking about her flawed and unsuccessful attempt to change the minds of the English Brexit voters, the majority of whom foolishly voted for a proposition that only benefitted the rich and, as is becoming more obvious by the day, disadvantaged the rest of us.

No. This is about how she has managed to maintain her popularity despite a series of events and decisions she has made that have produced no benefit for the people of Scotland but have continued to provide Westminster and their rich pals with the opportunity to strip Scotland of resources to the advantage of London and the South of England.

The SNP was formed in 1934 and, for the first 80 years of its existance, its main focus was on independence for Scotland, culminating in the 2014 referendum. They had limited success in Westminster elections during that period, the highlight being the 11 seats gained in October 1974. Following the loss of the referendum vote, Alex Salmond resigned and his deputy Nicola Sturgeon became party leader and First Minister.

At every election since then, Sturgeon has told Scotland that only a vote for the SNP will guarantee independence for Scotland. Give us the mandate and we’ll deliver independence, she said.

But independence has never been delivered because if they were ever to deliver independence, they wouldn’t be able to use the same argument at the next election. Why would Sturgeon discard a winning argument. After all, if you don’t vote for the SNP to deliver independence, who will you vote for? Failure to deliver was SNP strategy for continuing electoral success.

Doesn’t that remind you of the Labour Party in Scotland. At every election, Labour promised to improve conditions for working families and the less well off, but they never delivered, because if they did, they wouldn’t be able to use the same promise in the next election, and the one after that. Failure to deliver was Labour strategy for continuing electoral success.

Is this the reason behind the SNP’s treatment of other independence supporting parties such as Alba and ISP? For the ‘who will you vote for’ argument to work, there can be no other independence supporting parties worth voting for. So, part of the SNP strategy for election success is to paint other parties as not worthy in some way. Unlike the unionist parties, whose policies they may criticise, the SNP target individual members of independence supporting parties, labelling them as misogynistic, homophobic and their old standby, transphobic. They’re even trying to bring in a set of rules preventing any individual or group from campaigning for independence unless they agree to self-id and the SNP definition of women. Good luck with that, SNP. You’ll need it.

This strategy particularly applies to Alba. Apparently, in a party with over 7000 members, Alba has no decent members at all. Not even one. Strange, as most of the members were formerly in the SNP, but transferred because they became dissolutioned with the SNP’s lack of progress towards independence.

Getting rid of political competition would also have been the reason behind the attempt to remove Alex Salmond from the political stage by concocting a series of unbelievable falsehoods and exaggerations to try to get him imprisoned, with the help of the politicised police and procurator fiscal service. I say unbelievable because the jury didn’t believe them, one reason for the latest push to try sex cases without a jury. Easier to get the ‘right’ verdict? Had the lies succeeded, Salmond could well have died in prison, making those involved open to accusations of both political murder, subject only to the court of public opinion, and actual murder, for which, in today’s Scotland, no charges would be brought. Charges are never brought against pro-Sturgeon individuals, even those who commit obvious perjury.

And now we have the latest nonsense, handing over the decision on Scottish independence, a decision which rightly can only be made by the Scottish people, to an English court. The judgement of the so-called Supreme Court, set up by Westminster to allow any and all Scottish decisions to be overruled by English opinion, was that there is no legal means by which Scotland can regain her independence, so Scots should just lie back and think of England while allowing themselves to be raped, time and time again. Comment on the judgement has already been covered many times, by many people, including myself, here

Who benefits from this SNP failure to plan for and deliver independence? It’s certainly not the majority of Scots, who continue to have to put up with decisions made by the increasingly abysmal English government in Westminster. It’s not even the majority of the English, who are having the same problems with Westminster as we are. The only beneficiaries are the Tory party and the top 1% in England, both getting richer, and SNP leaders and politicians in Scotland, getting richer while doing nothing to advance the cause they were elected to advance.

But has Sturgeon taken things too far? Has her decision to hand over Scottish sovereignty to an English court backfired? Has her plan to introduce yet more delay into the independence project resulted a totally different outcome to the one she wanted and has it resulted in weakening her position even more than the self-id rebellion? Have ever larger numbers of Scots started seeing that the lack of planning for independence, the lack of effort to gain independence, and the lack of desire for independence is being demonstrated almost daily by Nicola Sturgeon, by members of the Scottish Government and by nearly all SNP elected members? Has Sturgeon signed her own political death warrant?

Finally, should we consider whether Sturgeon planned the actions only designed to benefit herself or whether her failure to deliver independence is part of an agreement with the English government along the lines of “you make sure independence doesn’t happen and we’ll support you for the UN job” or whatever other high-profile, highly paid ambassador position she thinks she has the best chance of getting? Watching Sturgeon’s actions (or inactions) since she became First Minister, can anyone really believe that this scenario is completely impossible?

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11 thoughts on “I promise to tell the truth …

  1. Gordon Brown isn’t to blame if people are stupid enough to believe his lies, a bit like Sturgeonites believing Sturgeon working towards Independence, I mean how F*cking stupid can they be.

    I got some advice for these Sturgeonites, look before you cross and listen before you judge and think before you act.

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  2. Despite overwhelming proof, the SNP MSP’s and MP’s have since 2015 committed to keeping Scotland in a union that is economically collapsing. Other countries see this and so do the ‘UK elite’. The failure of England to adjust to the modern world, seen most clearly in its social snobbery, will ensure that the economic decline of England is guaranteed, with or without Scotland. Keeping Scotland in the UK only slows down that inevitability. But the delay of independence is the only hope for those that benefit from Scotland being in a UK whose currency is now being described as being so unstable that comparisons are being made with emerging market nations. Maybe describing the UK economy as submerging would be more accurate.

    “We believe [the pound] is in the process of evolving into a currency that resembles the underlying reality of the British economy: small and shrinking,”



    Like the UK ‘elite’, the SNP as they now are, are a dead end incapable of change. No wonder they get along so well.

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    1. Thanks for the comment. Arguably, things have only got worse since the analysis in the links you added. One of several reasons to get out. The only Scots benefitting from the Union are SNP politicians and, as has been clearly shown by the Mone affair, if it’s necessary to find a scapegoat for anything, they’ll be first pick. The recent resignations fron the WM front bench are a clear sign that so many SNP MPs and the party leaders are quite comfortable with the current situation and have no interest in cutting off their money supply by going for independence.

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  3. The character of a cheap political gangster with a talent for faking it. Self-promotion, Intimidation, nepotism, handing out public money for fake likes.

    The important people are kept happy. Landowners with their green grift, International Capital, Scotland’s board member class. I don’t despise Sturgeon but she certainly despises us. Scotland has been a country for sale.

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    1. I agree with your comment though I’m surprised and impressed that you don’t despise Sturgeon. She is probably the only politician I have hated. I’ve disagreed with many, I’ve disliked many, but mainly I’ve taken the view that they’ve pretty much done what I expected of them. In Sturgeon case, she has turned out to be a world apart from what I expected and what she’s pretended to be. She’s lied and cheated about independence since the moment she became party leader and FM. I can’t wait to see her gone, though I fear her replacement may be just as bad.


      1. Why hate someone who has betrayed the cause of Scottish nationhood and sold off our assets as if they were her own personal property and for her own personal benefit? Scotland has been a place all my life where causes have been undermined by established power and the people in the pay of it. The SNP had been our way of turning that situation around – re-establishing our national and civil rights and establishing other important principles. For example, the principle that the assets and resources of this country belong to the people and should be exploited for their benefit only. Those assets instead are exploited for the benefit of international capital, England, the British state system, etc. The work haaving been done by the placemen and women working at the top of organisations within the British system. The SNP was our means of overturning that. Sturgeon seems to have sought membership of that system in Scotland and set herself at the head of the thing we sought to overturn. What Scotland still has to sell is now for sale. I do not despise Sturgeon. When you allow yourself to slip into hatred for an individual you damage your own character in the process. Besides she isn’t working alone. I see it more along the lines of an employee promoted beyond their capabailites receiving a level of protection for mistakes and betrayals from above. because they are serving some other purpose. In a country with honest institutions, she and her accomplices would be sacked and facing charges and the potential of a prison sentence. I suspect that they will only be in bother when they are no longer seen as useful.

        I try to keep it in perspective though. I don’t see the Sturgeons and the Murrell’s, the Angus Robertsons of this world as a serious impediment to us getting Independence. They are just cheap grifters. I am worried about my country. The situation is very depressing and there is a lot going.

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      2. I’ll add to that as well that Sturgeon who i suspect is a psychopath needs to go soon and take her anti civil rights cult with her or they will together indeed be a serious impediment to independence. My idea is that she is rushing through her GR Act prior to fucking off.

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      3. I’m certain you are right about rushing through the GRR bill, it shows all the signs of lack of thought and preparation. It’s got so many holes that will undoubtedly trigger umpteen lawsuits. Sturgeon obviously hopes/expects to be gone by the time they start rolling in.


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