Gender Reform – An MSP’s view

Or how to dress up misogyny as a ‘good thing’

As most of you will be aware, I am not a fan of the Gender Recognition Reform Bill (GRR) currently making its extremely swift progress through the Scottish Parliament and likely to become law by the end of this week.

I wrote to my MSP expressing my views and, surprisingly, got a brief reply.

I thought it might be interesting to see the correspondence. This was my initial email …

Click on the images to make them a bit bigger.

And this was the reply.

As you can see, the response fails to address most of the points I raised, contenting herself with gender reform being in the manifesto (self-id wasn’t), that I wrongly described her as a medical professional (I didn’t) and saying practically all the correspondence she’s received has been supportive (must all have been from SNP members). However, she does say she will vote for the bill to support “one of the most marginalised and discriminated against communities in our society”.

With that in mind, I replied …

I await a further response. However, as it’s likely that, if I get a response, it will come after the vote, I thought it might be worthwhile getting it out before the vote. If I get a response, I’ll update the post.

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The progress of Salvo has been the most encouraging development of 2022. It is doing sterling work educating Scots about the Claim of Right and spelling out what it means that the Scottish people are sovereign, not any Parliament.

Please register at and join the mass membership organisation that will be the signatories to our application to the UN, debate and organise a new Scottish Constitution. The membership of Liberation is also where the first members of Scotland’s National Congress will be balloted for selection.

11 thoughts on “Gender Reform – An MSP’s view

  1. Thanks for all your work on this issue and on Independence, Weggie. i agree that many do not realise the effects of self=ID on this matter.
    it os sad that the Bill may be go through and women have to suffer as a result before this becomes obvious and, with luck, the terms will be chnaged.
    Keep up the good work a slong as you have the appetite to do so.

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  2. Like you I sent an email to all my MSP’s apart from ross greer a copy I include below,,,,
    Sat, 17 Dec at 02:53
    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to draw your attention to an article posted on the Wings Over Scotland site by a Dr Em and a disability rights campaigner Henrietta Freeman , the article highlights the severe and threatening nature the introduction of the amendments to the existing GRA will have on not only disabled persons but our females overall , a recent survey conducted by the times newspaper of over 1,000 people “For the poll YouGov interviewed 1,090 people aged 16 and over in Scotland between December 6 and 9. found that 60% of the respondents were AGAINST the reforms , as elected representatives of the electorate surely you MUST take cognisance of the overwhelming feeling of opposition of your voters , to do otherwise shows contempt and denigration of your voters which will have an impact on your future electability
    The first link is a
     link to the WOS post the second link is a link to the Times article , I respectfully request that you read both the articles and remember that voters are watching
    I am a constituent of all of these representatives and I request a response to my email
    The email was sent on Saturday 17th December 2022 unsurprisingly I have not received ANY communication from any of them , it is becoming more and more apparent that our EMPLOYEES are becoming more and more contemptible of US their EMPLOYERS , I can assure you my feelings are even more contemptible of their exceptionalism and ignorance
    Recently many people have expressed a desire to collectively blockade an election to show basically that we will not vote for any of these parties or politicians , I would be extremely supportive of that as I am sick of these troughers ignoring the electorate

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  3. I am not in any way surprised by the response of your MSP. Sturgeon has corrupted parliamentary procedure in her bid to railroad this legislation through without any consideration of the consequences for women and young girls and their inalienable rights to safe spaces.

    Shona Robison has shown herself to be an enthusiastic accomplice in complete denial of biological fact in being a compliant enabler of men to access whenever they so wish, safe spaces vital to women’s safety and wellbeing. This would appear the more incongruous considering she herself is the mother of a young woman whose safety will be potentially compromised by the enactment of this Bill.

    Hypocrisy has nae boundaries when ye enter Sturgeons fiefdom!

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    1. Sturgeon obviously thinks this is her route to the UN job she craves. Most of the MSPs are too frightened to contradict her, having seen what happens to anyone who doesn’t say “Yes, dear leader” quickly enough. The inevitable loss of income is enough to keep the rest in line, with the exception of a few brave souls, who won’t be returning to Holyrood in 2026 unless there’s a coup.

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  4. Sent my MSP an email. Nae response. Can reply if he wants could not care less. I wanted to let my feelings be known as politely as I could manage. They do not care what the punters think.

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