The unwanted Christmas present?

Tuesday 20th December, 2022 will be known as the day of the shameful sixty four. The day when that number of our MSPs thought it was a good idea to remove the distinction between male rapists and women. This was the Scottish Parliament’s Christmas present to Scottish women and girls.

This was the day when male rapists were allowed to put on a dress, call themselves women and be allowed access to all women only places and facilities.

The day when male rapists were given permission to access to rape crisis centres, not because they’ve been raped, but because they are, or would like to be, rapists.

The day when male rapists were given permission to enter women’s refuges so they can continue to abuse women sheltering there hoping to recover from abuse.

The day when male rapists were given permission to enter women’s toilets, so they can wave their willies at teenage girls, or, if they’re lucky and there’s no one else about, they may be able to force girls into sexual acts.

The day when male rapists were allowed to enter women’s changing rooms in sports and retail facilities, so they can parade their ‘women’s cocks’ in front of real women and girls, probably with a hard on brought on by the excitement at what they are doing. They may even be able to take photos of themselves (ooh, look at me) or even photograph women changing, so they can post the pictures on social media to show how clever they are.

Of course, when the law is passed, it will be the day when men are allowed to enter women’s sports and win everything because they are bigger and stronger than the women they’re competing against and if it’s a contact sport and women get seriously hurt, then that’s just acceptable collateral damage, Acceptable to the Scottish Government anyway.

This is all taking place in the name of trans rights, but those I’m talking about are not trans. They are perverts, rapists and paedophiles who are taking advantage of a law which has been drafted to allow all this.

The excuse the sponsors of the bill used to allow all this was that it would breach the human rights of perverts, rapists and paedophiles to prevent them from gaining a Gender Recognition Certificate. The sponsors say they have taken legal advice about this, but, of course, they are refusing to release the advice they have been given. I wonder if they asked for legal advice about whether giving perverts, rapists and paedophiles a free pass into women’s facilities would breach the human rights of the women and girls. I don’t suppose they did. If they did, they ignored it.

All of these things will soon be law and the perverts, rapists and paedophiles will soon have the law on their side. Women who complain will be breaking the law and could be arrested and charged with a hate crime because they don’t want to share their private spaces with perverts, rapists and paedophiles. Insanity or what? Because it’s the law doesn’t mean it’s right.

However, this weekend and next, I think everyone needs to forget what’s happened over the last few days and try to enjoy whatever Christmas and New Year celebrations you have planned. Don’t let the shameless sixty four spoil your plans.

Remember, you can always return unwanted Christmas presents and after New Year, we can all work hard to remove this shameful law from our statute books.

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The progress of Salvo has been the most encouraging development of 2022. It is doing sterling work educating Scots about the Claim of Right and spelling out what it means that the Scottish people are sovereign, not any Parliament.

Please register at and join the mass membership organisation that will be the signatories to our application to the UN, debate and organise a new Scottish Constitution. The membership of Liberation is also where the first members of Scotland’s National Congress will be balloted for selection.

14 thoughts on “The unwanted Christmas present?

  1. But also let’s not forget today the 22nd December 2022 where 86 politicians of all political parties voted this aberration of legislation AGAINST the wishes of the electorate into law
    The same politicians who are EMPLOYED by us the electorate and who have deliberately shown their contempt of their EMPLOYERS by IGNORING our wishes and instructions

    In other jobs where employees ignore or fail to carry out the instructions or orders of their employers they are SACKED , Let’s do that let’s BOYCOTT ALL ELECTIONS until these ignorant self serving troughers get the message that they are SACKED

    SACKED for not listening to their employers , SACKED for NOT following orders , SACKED for prioritising the wishes and wants of a shower of deviants , perverts and paedophiles over the safety and wellbeing over our MOST CHERISHED asset that Scotland has OUR WOMENFOLK without whom their will be NO NEW SCOTS

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    1. I don’t know what’s going on in the minds of not only our legislators but also practically every other large organisation. This idea of prioritising the desires of a bunch of cross dressing lunatics and sexual deviants over the needs of women and girls seems nothing short of collective insanity.

      In ScotGov’s case, the fear of she who must be obeyed and her bunch of child camp followers can explain why they’ve allowed their reason to be overtaken by thoughts of loss of income, but that doesn’t explain the actions of other parties. Money could still be part of it, as I hear that the LibDems have received £1.4M from a drug company that makes puberty blockers, which sounds like a pretty good reason for their strong support of the GRR Bill.

      I last voted for SNP in 2019 and there’s no chance of me giving a vote to any of the English parties.. My hope is that Alba or ISP make a breakthrough, but that seems unlikely in the short term, so I guess it will be a spoilt vote like in 2021.

      Not voting SNP seems like a good plan and if that happens at the UK GE, and they lose a bunch of seats, it might make the MSPs think about their fate in 2026. Losing some MPs will make no practical difference as they’re completely useless there anyway. If she’s still there, will it change Sturgeon’s mind? I doubt it.


    1. There is no proposed change in the law that should not be fully discussed before any action is taken, The fact that Sturgeon and her mates won’t discuss anything and try to shut down all attempts to open discussion and all different opinions is, as you say, fascism. Fascism and greed is in charge on both sides of the border.

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  2. Where in the bill does it give carte Blanche for sex offenders to access women only spaces, and more to the point what evidence is there of women being attacked in such spaces by sex offenders disguised as women!!


    1. The refusal to accept an amendment that prevented sex offenders from getting a GRC (and therefore wiping out their history) because their rights are more important than women’s might be a clue. Look up the evidence yourself for women being assaulted in prisons and elsewhere, or being traumatised by men appearing in rape crisis centres and refuges, or even being refused access when they objected. Just don’t say it doesn’t exist.


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