Gender Reform – An MSP’s view (continued)

Or how to dress up misogyny as a ‘good thing’

As promised, here’s the update. There was no reply to my second email, even after the vote, so I send a third email commenting specifically on the vote to allow sex offenders to obtain a GRC. I’ve added a copy of email 3 at the end.

As most of you will be aware, I am not a fan of the Gender Recognition Reform Bill (GRR) currently making its extremely swift progress through the Scottish Parliament and likely to become law by the end of this week.

I wrote to my MSP expressing my views and, surprisingly, got a brief reply.

I thought it might be interesting to see the correspondence. This was my initial email …

Click on the images to make them a bit bigger.

And this was the reply.

As you can see, the response fails to address most of the points I raised, contenting herself with gender reform being in the manifesto (self-id wasn’t), that I wrongly described her as a medical professional (I didn’t) and saying practically all the correspondence she’s received has been supportive (must all have been from SNP members). However, she does say she will vote for the bill to support “one of the most marginalised and discriminated against communities in our society”.

With that in mind, I replied …

I await a further response. However, as it’s likely that, if I get a response, it will come after the vote, I thought it might be worthwhile getting it out before the vote. If I get a response, I’ll update the post.

Here’s email 3. Maybe it will be graced with a response.

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The progress of Salvo has been the most encouraging development of 2022. It is doing sterling work educating Scots about the Claim of Right and spelling out what it means that the Scottish people are sovereign, not any Parliament.

Please register at and join the mass membership organisation that will be the signatories to our application to the UN, debate and organise a new Scottish Constitution. The membership of Liberation is also where the first members of Scotland’s National Congress will be balloted for selection.

6 thoughts on “Gender Reform – An MSP’s view (continued)

  1. What an absolute disgrace your MSP Clare Haughey is to her female constituents and to all other women in the real sense who are potentially under threat by this legislation which has at a stroke eliminated the concept of safe spaces for women and young girls.

    Did Haughey consult or canvass opinion within her constituency? By perusing her twitter feed I glean she is a practising Catholic. Did her parish priest bless her before and after the debates? Her voting record in the passage of this bill condemns women of all faiths and none to a future of constant uncertainty where their personal safety can no longer be guaranteed in what previously might have been considered a SAFE SPACE.

    Kate Forbes MSP, currently on maternity leave chose cowardice as a means of exempting herself from the debate in all probability spending the time ‘tiptoeing’ around her deeply held Free Presbyterian beliefs which tend ironically, to place women in an inferior position to males within
    that church.

    The final sentence in your third email places guilt firmly at the feet of ALL MSPs who permitted this bill to pass at final reading. Shameless beyond words, charlatans all!

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    1. Thanks for the comment.

      I can only agree that Haughey and the other MSPs who voted in favour have acted disgracefully in assisting the passage of this bill and, in particular, rejecting the amendment to prevent perverts, rapists and paedophiles erasing their history by getting a GRC, giving them unchallengeable access to women’s safe spaces.

      I’m not aware of Haughey making any attempt to canvas opinion in her constituency, though she claimed that a huge majority of the correspondence she received was in favour of the bill, not surprising as so few are aware of what’s happening.

      When your family’s income depends on you agreeing with a woman who brooks no disagreement and you know you’ll lose everything (maybe even your liberty) if you express any concern, perhaps her voting is not surprising. Money beats morals every time for most SNP MSPs.

      PS. I also agree with your comment about Kate Forbes. She hid to protect her position.

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      1. Aye Weegie, the maist o them threw awa’ their moral compass when they saw their first pay poke.

        The “woman who brooks no disagreement”. In the aftermath of the A S High Court case Sturgeon is the weakest link in the SNP. The problem we have is that NO ONE within HER Party has the GUTS to challenge politically, her DOMINATION. This is all the more regrettable when so much evidence of her involvement is now common knowledge.

        “Unchallengeable access to women’s safe spaces”. UNTENABLE!

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      2. They won’t challenge her while she delivers large numbers of highly paid sinecures in two parliaments. Only when the golden eggs turn out to be brass will they get brave enough. Then they’ll look for someone else to deliver. When that happens, we need to make sure it’s someone who actually wants independence.


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