Will 2023 be a guid New Year?

Last year, I blogged about what should happen in 2022 to bring independence closer. It’s important to realise that they were not predictions because, if they were, I would have had a pretty poor score. Nostradamus would have little to worry about. For those brave enough to want to imagine what life would be like if these non-predictions came about, you can read the wish list in full here.

In 2021, Sturgeon’s reason (excuse?) for delaying independence was Covid Even though so much was possible during a pandemic, Scottish election, self-id and Hate Crimes, it just wasn’t the right time to progress independence, or even talk about it.

2022 saw a new independence delaying strategy. As the effects of the pandemic faded, meaning it couldn’t be used again, Sturgeon instead referred the concept of an independence referendum to Westminster’s Supreme Court, knowing that a negative response would provide another reason for delay. The Supreme Court obliged by ruling that an independence referendum was outwith the Scottish Parliament’s competence, allowing the promised 2023 referendum to be ditched, without even a real whimper of objection from the Scottish Government.

So much was going to be done in 2022, a new referendum bill, an updated independence prospectus and agreement on the referendum question. What was done was no new bill, three papers on life after independence (widely mocked as useless) and the floated possibility of a three question referendum, including enhanced devolution, which received such overwhelming derision that it hasn’t been mentioned since, though, I suspect, it’s not forgotten.

I suggested that the biggest blockage on the road to independence was Nicola Sturgeon and her leaving would be a big boost for the independence campaign. Given that she didn’t leave and the independence campaign continued to flounder, does that mean I was right? Maybe.

I also suggested that a way to ‘encourage’ the SNP to move on independence was to vote for Alba, ISP or other independence supporting parties instead of the SNP in the local elections. Instead, the SNP got an increased share of the vote and, as a result, took that as confirmation that no movement on independence was necessary. So they did nothing.

So what are my non-predictions for 2023? I still think that Sturgeon’s departure is essential for there to be any movement on independence. Will she go this year? With all her objectives achieved, Hate Crimes, Self-Id GRR and longest serving FM, what’s left to do? I guess only her fear that her work might be undone if she left would keep her in post. Depends how much faith she has in her possible replacements. Given she knows how much she had conned Alex Salmond by 2014 into believing she was the perfect replacement, she could be worried that her potential replacements are similarly conning her.

Without Sturgeon’s departure, it’s hard to see any progress being made. Even with her departure, if she’s replaced by one of the SNP Looney Bunch, most likely Robertson or Smith, then there’s little chance of anything happening. There are no elections planned for 2023 (at the moment) and the chances of the SNP Government resigning to force an election are remote. In fact, more non-existent than remote.

So it’s looking as if 2023 is going to be a pretty fallow year. Unless someone from Salvo or Liberation knows different.

Despite all the depression I’ve tried to spread, I hope you and yours have a happy New Year, and may all your non-political wishes come true. Political wishes? – we can always hope.

Slainte Mhath. Saor Alba.

Many Facebook sites are increasingly censoring bloggers like myself who can be critical of the actions of the SNP and the Scottish Government. They are attempting to prevent bloggers from getting their message out, so we have to depend on readers sharing the blog posts. If you liked this post or others I have written, please share this and take out a free subscription by clicking the follow button on the home page or on the posts. You will then be notified by email of any new posts on the blog. Thank you.

The progress of Salvo has been the most encouraging development of 2022. It is doing sterling work educating Scots about the Claim of Right and spelling out what it means that the Scottish people are sovereign, not any Parliament.

Please register at Liberation.scot and join the mass membership organisation that will be the signatories to our application to the UN, debate and organise a new Scottish Constitution. The membership of Liberation is also where the first members of Scotland’s National Congress will be balloted for selection.

4 thoughts on “Will 2023 be a guid New Year?

  1. And a Guid New Year to you& yours too Weegie, I have enjoyed reading your blog & posts, & I fear your are right again in that 2023 will be an INDY washout for Scots Independenistas.. I fear Sturgeon has done what she has been bought & paid to do, DESTROY the party, & the Movement. As what I am seeing & hearing are how disillusioned people now are. All the good that was done in the run up to the 2014 referendum SHE has managed to undo.
    I know of many who have said there is NO point in voting, everyone turns a traitor once they get voted in.. Alex Salmond I assure them never did, he delivered EVERY benefit Scots enjoy today, except for baby boxes..plus people felt good again about their country, we felt it was being run properly, he promised a referendum if he got a mandate & he delivered that referendum. I am someone who believes this country will NEVER win a referendum, so do not want one, as we are too colonised now. And to even think about running one along the same franchise as 2014 is just CRAZY..
    I believe our only hope is for ALBA, ISP, & SSP to amalgamate and become Scotlands SINN FEIN with a promise of a vote for them would be a vote for a REPUBLIC SCOTLAND..
    Have a Guid Yin Weegie..

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    1. Thanks for your encouraging comment.

      Sturgeon is a dead loss as anyone who’s paying attention must realise. Unfortunately, the huge level of involvement of 2014 has faded thanks to Sturgeon’s inaction, so there’s too many just voting on the memory of what the SNP used to be.

      Your comment on a referendum is spot on. With 50,000 mainly English, mainly No voters, moving to Scotland every year and 70,000 mainly younger Scots, mainly Yes voters, moving away in search of work, the numbers are very much against a winning referendum. Add to that the English Unionist media and the likelihood of voting fraud and we’ve got no chance.


  2. “Will 2023 be a guid New Year”? I certainly hope so however we the people seeking Independence for Scotland have an immense task ahead of us . Sturgeon clearly has not the appetite nor the conviction to prosecute our case therefore the onus is on our own foot soldiers to spread the word, particularly that of Sara Salyers and her work on the Claim of Right presenting it in a manner by which it will attract and inspire the people we need on our side.

    2023 will be what we mak it. Let’s mak it a guid yin for aw oor sakes particularly oor young an’ vulnerable up an’ comin’ generation. Oor gr’und has lain ‘fallow’ ower lang, we hiv tae sow afore we can reap the hairst o’ Independence. Guid health tae aw fur the comin ‘year.

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    1. I think Sturgeon has gone further than lacking appetite or conviction. She is actively seeking to destroy the Yes movement and prevent any possibility of a Yes majority. Whether driven by the money or the power or the promise of a bigger job when she steps down, only history may tell, but we’ll get no help from the SNP while she’s in charge.

      Unfortunately, we need a well supported political party to drive it forward. If not the SNP, we have to hope Alba and/or other parties start to prosper, though that may take some time. Foot soldiers can help to spread the word, but, on their own, can’t create the opportunity. Let’s hope for an unexpected development in 2023.


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