Determinants of Independence Demographics

This is essential reading for any supporter of independence. Let’s not kid ourselves about what’s happening and where the current SNP policy of gradualism verging towards neverism is taking us. I and others have warned about the dangers of delay, but here is a clear description of why it will be even more difficult to win a second IndyRef. The SNP leadership must be as aware of this as Prof. Alf Baird, so why are they not reacting to the danger. I just hope that this is not the reason for their absolute determination to stick to the 2014 franchise. We really need to start thinking of other ways of gaining our independence.


This is the third paper in the excellent series by Professor Alf Baird. This week the topic is demographics and as you read this paper you will come to realise what a huge and important issue it is…if we ever want to deliver Independence. I believe it makes the need for a fairer and less biased franchise an absolute necessity and priority. Please read and share this article. It is crucial people understand how important this is if we are ever to be successful.

3. Demographics

‘The colonizer is a privileged being and an illegitimately privileged one; that is,anusurper’

(Albert Memmi)

Over the last two centuries some 3-4 million Scots,mostlyworking class, were displaced from Scotland due tothechronic lack of economic opportunitiesprovided for themin their own land,andoftenhelpedto exittheir country of birthbyUKstate‘incentives’(e.g.Empire Settlement Acts).Duringthis periodScotland proportionately ‘lost’ more of its people than any other north-western European country, which suggests the…

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